Fallen Andreas Mod Pack v1- Gang Wars Android MODs Tutorial

Fallen Andreas Mod Pack v1- Gang Wars

If you want more gang wars in San Andreas but in new style that is with new weapons, new skins with new weather and almost everything related to gangwars then install this mod. The maker of this mod are "Alpha Modders" and some others (name below in credit section). Well this mod pack will change your gang members to SWAT and Army members, change their cars with new sports cars and change their weapons with new advanced weapons. Moreover you will see more gang territories in map. You will be able to capture new gang members area by fighting with them. All other gang members are thugs. This mod contains some new things like snow mod, new weapons, skins, buildings, animations, improved graphics and some useful mods. Also the size of this mod pack is not large as compared to other mod packs. So you should give this mod pack a try. And this mod pack is still receiving updates by makers.

This mod pack is first mod pack from Fallen Andreas. Here's Alpha Modder's list of things this mod pack contains:

  •  CJ and GSF are now a part of army with skins. Credits to arshi786 for CJ's army clothes and HD
  •  CJ more muscular
  •  Grove street is rich now they have advanced weapons ( Sure They are in army ) and they have sports vehicles
  •  Ballas and Vagas are terrorists and thugs.
  •  Gang wars or I should say army operations have expanded to whole San Andreas, there are more enemy territories (see map).
  •  Snowfall with snow Clouds
  •  New sniper scope and gun scope
  •  New buildings in Las Santos
  •  Army animation
  •  New Army Bases
  •  Advanced Graphics
  •  HD Blood
  •  Light weight
  •  High ped stats
  •  Criminals, drug dealers, wh*res and prostitutes have increased
  •  Gate security at Grove Street and new CJ house thanks to Some modders IDK their names sorry!
  •  Areas Marked Green are secured by GSF ( SWAT FORCES and ARMED FORCES )
  •  Handful of useful small mods Made by me and 10 others like flashlight, Weapon dropper etc
  •  A disease has broke out making every ped ( Dis-including CJ , GANGS,  AND SPECIAL FORCES AND SOME PEDS ) slower and lazier to run. but guns are common, as the state has fallen!

Ideas, Works etc by Team_Alpha_Modders

Tested on devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy Grand prime
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note 3
  • Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 edition

Minimum Requirements:

Team Alpha Modders, Arshi678, Visek, Taqi Chauhan!

To install this mod please follow these steps:

• To uninstall simply delete the moved files.

Step I:
• Download Mod from:
  Google Drive      (This is main mod pack, you have to download and install this)

• Download Fallen Andreas Fix 1:
  Google Drive      (This is fix only. install this after downloading and installing above file and if you face bugs/errors)

Step II:
• If you want to backup your savegame and game mods then do this:  {you can skip this step if you don't want to backup your savegames and mods
  ♦ Go to your phone's:
    /Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/             <here>
  ♦ And copy all files and folder present there
  ♦ Paste them in a new safe location.
  ♦ You are done!
  ♦ If you ever wanted to restore this backup just go to:
   /Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/             <here>
  ♦ Remove/Delete all files and folder present there, and paste the files and folder which you backed up!
Now to install this mod pack:
• Delete "com.rockstargames.gtasa" folder from:
   /Android/data/              <here>
  *Make sure you have backed up savegames and mods by following above steps (in Step II). We will not be responsible in case of any damage!

• Now extract this mod pack.
• Move "com.rockstargames.gtasa" folder to:
   /Android/data/         <here>
• You have installed this mod pack!!!!

Step III:
• Run the Game and enjoy the mod pack.


Q1) Do You hate The Disease of Peds? Because they are SLOW and LAZY?

A: You can delete that mod. To do so just open 
 and you will see a file named "anim.dat" or "animation.dat" just Simply delete it!!

Q2) No Army Operations ( Gangwar areas ) Showed up after you started new game or installed your previous save file ( Other than the one I included )?

A: If you wished to start a new game or your own save file then just open cleo menu and select gangwar. You dont have to repeat it again and again after you load the game its permenant ( only in the save file you used it )!

Q3) Is the Game crashing whenever you visit an army base at the country side?

A: Yep it will, if you break any rules there. Rule#1 Don't attack or kill any soldier there. Rule#2 You can't steal any vechles from there. If you break any rule the game will crash after you leave the base.

Q4) Does the mod seems to be copied or stolen?

A: No it is not, But. 45% Of the mods are copied and remaked except one the HD CJ SKIN AND ARMY OUTFIT (credits Arshi678) is taken as it was made by the author.

Q5) Snowfall Doesnt works?

A: Yep it wont unless you press 3 and 7 cleo buttons ( Thanks To visek for this wonderful mod ). Don't know how to press #3 and #7? Click Here for help!


Fallen Andreas Mod Pack v1- Gang Wars

Fallen Andreas Mod Pack v1- Gang Wars gtaam

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Fallen Andreas Mod Pack v1- Gang Wars snow mod download gta sa android mobile

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Fallen Andreas Mod Pack v1- Gang Wars Android MODs Tutorial


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