Zombie Mod Pack for GTA SA Android v1.5 [No Need PC] Android MODs Tutorial


The best zombie mod for GTA San Andreas Android is here. All peds turned into zombies, new animations and new scary timecyc. The maker of this mod is "Heinz30", "Bull.04" and "Arshi678". After installing this mod your goal is to kill zombies. This mod pack is an update to previous zombie mod (released months ago). This mod now contains custom zombie skins for peds. You can see blood on their clothes and their eyes are scary. They have new walking and attacking animations. And once they killed you they will destroy your head. After installing this mod you will not be able to see traffic to make things more real. This is v1.5 A new update of previous version. This version has shadows, new greyish foggy time cyc and some bugs improvements.

What's New in Zombie Mod for Android v1.5 ?

Update 1.5: 
  • Reworked the timecyc, from full black sky to greyish sky that looks like fog. 
  • Shadows are now supported. Shadows aren't visible in the past updates. 
  • Timecyc is made using "In-game Timecyc Editor" 
  • AI slightly improved. Zombies will "seldom" run away when shot or when there is someone shooting. 
Watch this video first: Also subscribe to his channel! And to give ideas comment below his videos!

  • Zombies (They are actually peds, but are programmed to pursue the player) 
  • No cars spawning but there some are still parked in their respective places 
  • Scary Timecyc 
  • Cool Zombie Walking and Attacking  
  • When you are down, zombies try to destroy your head. 
  • Works better if you activate the "everyoneattacksplayer" cheat code, though you won't be able to recruit SWAT and ARMY then

  • Heinz30 for making
  • Zombie Skin Pack made by Bull_04 and ported by Heinz30 
  • Peds Behave and Stats by Arshi678 

ATTENTION (A message from maker of this mod pack):
• Please ask my permission before editing this mod.
•If you want to reupload this somewhere, please put my name and the creator of the other mods listed on credits. 
• You have an idea to improve this mod? Comment or email me. 
• Wanna help me improve this mod? Comment or email me. 
• Sorry this is just a minor update, so I doesn't have too much, I need more ideas. 

To install this mod please follow these steps:

• If you don't have PC then download SKINS and move the "gta3" folder inside it to:
   /Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/files/texdb/         <here>
• If you don't want to
• Only 10MB of free disk space is required to install this mod.
• To uninstall simply delete the moved files.

Step I:
• Download Mod from:
  Google Drive      3MB

• Download skins:       (Only download if you do not have a PC, those who have PC can skip this)

• Download  TXD Fucker:
   Download TXD Fucker

Step II:
• Extract the downloaded mod (zip file).
• Go to location where you extracted this mod pack. Now go to c"com.rockstargames.gtasa/files/" and you will see two folders there, Move "anim" and "data" folders from there to:
   Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/files/          <here>
• Move "gtasa.ZOMBIEMOD.csa" file to:
   Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/         <here>

Now we need PC to do these below steps. BUT BEFORE FOLLOWING THESE STEPS, if you do not have PC then download SKINS from mega and move "gta3" folder inside it to:
   /Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/files/texdb/         <here>
And if you don't want to download those SKIN from MEGA and you have PC, then follow these steps:
• Now extract your ".obb" file using winrar. (PC).
• Open TXD Fucker and using it open this file:
  /(extracted obb)/texdb/gta3/gta3.txt
• Click on Import > without alpha and select all files inside "Textures (PNG) Port by Heinz30" folder.
• After successfully importing all textures close txd fucker.
• Now copy below folder:
   /(extracted obb)/texdb/gta3/ (this folder)
  and Paste it in your phone's:
  /Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/files/texdb/             <here>

*Make new "files" and "texdb" folder if doesn't exist

Step III:
• Run the Game and enjoy this mod pack.


from GTA Android Modding http://ift.tt/1SJ2KhF
Zombie Mod Pack for GTA SA Android v1.5 [No Need PC] Android MODs Tutorial


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