GTA WE v2.0 for Android by Mr. Scarface12 Android MODs Tutorial

GTA WE v2.0 for Android by Mr. Scarface12 GTAAM

Those who have installed mod packs in their GTA San Andreas (PC Version) may have used this mod pack already. But now Mobile users can also enjoy this cool mod pack in their Android devices. Because Sketmex has ported this mod pack to Android. This cool mod pack is famous for creating snow version of whole San Andreas. It contains snowy roads, trees, buildings and it also contain some new vehicles, clothes, weapons and menu which were not present in PC version of this mod pack. You can also enable and disable snow whenever you want to make it look realistic. There are no bugs in this mod pack and the best thing about this mod pack is it is optimized for Android phones. Those who have low specs devices can give this mod pack a try. The maker of this mod pack is "Mr. Scarface12" and it has ported to Android by "SKETMEX".


•  More than 10 new vehicles modified
  Added new clothes
  Yeti in Mount Chilliad
  Improved snow textures
  Few new weapons
  And more...


  Snow textures - Gheett0b0ss and Mr.Scarface12
  Snowfall cleo - visek
  Menu screen and loadscreen images - SKETMEX
  Snowfall texture effect - Mr.Scarface12
  Radardisc - Mr.scarface
  GTA V scroll weappn cleo - HAF
  Timecyc - Sashka911
  Chop cleo mod - Mike kethens/adam69
  Effects -fuction X edited by Mr.Scarface12
  Snow sound footstep - Mr.Scarface12
  Apk logo design - SKETMEX
  Vapid van - Trevorfirdaus & automan
  Buffalo - Yohsuke96
  Quad - cool-funk
  Audi A6 - stug19
  Mercedes benz - NOIS
  Mercedez benz2 - musheg1998
  Mercedez benz3 - Nois
  Weapons -erco (ak-47)
  Megaman1 (desert eagle)
  Heartxrocker (minigun)
  AxE (sniper, silenced, sawnoff, knife, mp5)
  Animation ped.ifp - Leo Carilo
  Rancher and other snow cars - shafa
  Yeti cleo - RyzkyDewantoro
  Menu - Mr.Scarface12
  Chloths - maxis, jake_dk
  Rhino - Kinoman
  Speedometer and texture - braindead & mr.scarface12
  Grenadelauch-Alien mods
Special thanks to SKETMEX

To install this mod pack please follow these steps:

Before You Start

• To activate snow press #3 and #7 point of your screen. If you need help about this then please Click Here.
• Always Backup your game files before replacing. To backup your savegames, mods and other files please follow the first step of "Step II".
 To uninstall this mod, delete the moved files.

Step I: Download GTA WE 2.0 Winter Edition Mod Pack

• Download this mod from:

• Download Cleo Android:
  Download Cleo Android

Step II: Install this Mod in Your GTA SA Android

• Backup GTA San Andreas Android data files and save game files. If you don't want to backup, then skip next two steps. If you want to backup then copy data files. You can find data files and save files by going to:
   /Android/obb/com.rockstargames.gtasa/      <=== Copy the "com.rockstargames.gtasa" folder!
  And move it to any safe place. So if this mod don't work you can revert back to original game.
• Delete the "com.rockstargames.gtasa" folder present inside:
   /Android/data/         <here>
• Extract the mod pack. You can use "WinRar" if you are in computer and "ES File Exlporer" if you are in Android.
• Move the "com.rockstargames.gtasa" folder to:
  <YOUR PHONE>/Android/          <here>
• Now install the apk that came with the mod pack.

Step III: Enjoy the mod pack

• Now run the game and enjoy the mod pack.


snowy san andreas mod pack android mobile

Snow in GTA San Andreas Android (Mobile) screenshots
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GTA WE v2.0 for Android by Mr. Scarface12

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GTA WE v2.0 for Android by Mr. Scarface12 Android MODs Tutorial


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