We Are Moving Back To "http://ift.tt/1GYXeiV" From 29 December 2016 Android MODs Tutorial

moving back to gtaam.blogspot.com

So, I don't think I have to say anything but those who really want to know why I am doing this change here are the reasons. Many bloggers are copying my content and I have loosed my rank due to them. I can report them and delete their blog/content by filing a DMCA complaint against them but I am not going to do so because they are in hundreds and I find a new blog every month (lol). By the way I have reported some blogs and their posts/accounts have been suspended by Google. Anyway, the second reason to go back to blogspot is my domain is not setting up correctly, its rank is very low in search engines. My blogspot was ranking higher than this domain. Also I am not able to find a good ad network other than Google, which was best because it was fast and reliable. You may have noticed some weird ads in this domain few days back, I was testing them. They all sucked. I have to remove them. The last reason and most important reason is I was unable to make this blog what I wanted. I thought this community or Android modding will expand just like PC modding but it never happened. Only some of the modders allowed sharing there mods and told all how to make mods. Most of them didn't allow someone to share mods neither they told anyone how to make mods. So the community is very limited. I am not against any one but as far as I know "the more you help others, the more you grow". But this was not the case in Android Modding.
Now you will be asking what am I going to do now?
Well, I am still going to post mods, guides and tutorials. But the only change is custom domain will not work. I was unable to post any new mod or guide in this month because of some important works. I will post very few mods in this month because I will be doing some domain work so you do not face any problem when we move back to blogspot.

From now, you have to type "http://ift.tt/1GYXeiV" to reach here!
"www.gtaam.net" will now work anymore!
You can still type "http://ift.tt/1GYXeiV" to reach here.

from GTA Android Modding http://ift.tt/2hP29gI
We Are Moving Back To "http://ift.tt/1GYXeiV" From 29 December 2016 Android MODs Tutorial


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