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If you ever wanted to fight in GTA SA Android you can use this cool mod. The maker of this mod is "Muhammad Zauqie Firdaus". This mod will let you fight with some peds. The goal of this mod is to knockout all the peds. First you have to go to specific location (see screenshot section for the location) then you can start this mod. This is a cleo mod so make sure cleo is installed in your GTA SA Android.
To install this mod, follow these steps:

Before You Start

• Cleo Android is required to run this mod.
• After installing this mod, go to the location shown below (screenshots section) and go to the red checkpoint. Then you can fight with other peds.

• To uninstall this mod, delete the moved files.

Step I: Download Cars Have Weapons Mod for Android

• Download Mod from:
  Google Drive
  Mirror Link

• Download Cleo Android:
  Download Cleo Android

Step II: Install this Mod in Your GTA SA Android

• Extract the downloaded mod.
• Move the ".csa" file to:
   /Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/         <here>

Step III: Enjoy the mod

• Now run the game and enjoy the mod.


Fight Mod GTA SA Android red checkpoint screen shot

Fight Mod GTA SA Android location photo screenshot gtaam firdaus

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Fight Mod GTA SA Android Android MODs Tutorial


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