ENR (ENB Reflections) Mod GTA SA Android Android MODs Tutorial

ENR (ENB Reflections) Mod GTA SA Android

Even though if you max out car reflections you will notice that they are still low as compared to ENB mods of GTA San Andreas PC. To fix this issue you can install this cool reflections mod. The maker of this mod is "SigiloHQ". This mod will add ultra reflections in all cars in GTA San Andreas Android. Please note that this mod will add reflections to default cars of GTA San Andreas Android, it will not add ENR type reflections in custom car mods. This mod will also add reflections to some other things like traffic signals, custom car parts and other metallic things. The best thing about this mod is it does not require cleo or computer to install and work. Just move the files and the mod will work.
To install this mod please follow these steps:

Before You Start

• To install this mod you have to download two files. One from Mega link and other from Google Drive. The Mega link contains "gta3.img" file and Google Drive link contains already replaced texture which are required to make this mod work.
• This mod will work for default San Andreas cars only. Because every car model has to be edited to add support for this mod.
• To uninstall simply delete the moved files.

Step I: Download ENR Max Reflections ENB Mod Android

• Download Mod from:
  Also download additional files from this link:
   Additional Files    (These files are required even if you have downloaded from above link)

• Download Alci's IMG tool:
   Download IMG Tool

Step II: Install this Mod in Your GTA SA Android

• Extract your the mod files,
• Move the "gta3.img" file to:
   /Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/files/texdb/     <here>
  *Make new "files" and "texdb" folder if doesn't exist
• And move the "txd" folder (inside additional files zip) to:
  /Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/files/texdb/     <here>

Step III: Enjoy the mod

• Now run the game and enjoy the mod. Make sure you are using stock cars after installing this mod. Or those car which have official support for ENR Mod.


ENR (ENB Reflections) Mod GTA SA Android by sigilohq

max car reflections mod gta sa mobile

from GTA Android Modding http://ift.tt/2gcYz1T
ENR (ENB Reflections) Mod GTA SA Android Android MODs Tutorial


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