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New Rim Pack for GTA SA Android by ducati and sigilohq
GTA San Andreas has some cool modifications for vehicles but due to low textures and low poly models those modifications look really bad. Similarly if you install rims in your cars you will notice that they have very low quality. Which makes your car look really bad. To fix this issue the modder "SigiloHQ" has ported a rim pack for GTA San Andreas Android. The maker of this mod is "Ducati996" and "SigiloHQ" has ported it for GTA SA Android. This new rim pack contains new rims for all vehicles including sports, classic, muscle and off road rims. The quality of rims is really high which when used with custom Car Mods make it really great. Another good thing about this mod is it supports "ENR Mod", which add supports for reflection in rims. There are 17 rims in this mod but if you don't like them you can add textures present inside "Texturas Alternativas" folder. Also note that this mod requires computer and cleo Android to install and work.
To install this mod please follow these steps:

*Make new "files" and "texdb" folder if doesn't exist

Before You Start

• Cleo Android is required to run this mod.
• Textures inside "Texturas Alternativas" folder are extra textures which should be added only if you do not like installed rims.
• There are two types of ".dff" files inside this mod pack. One is with ENR and one is without ENR. ENR is just a reflection mod (ultra reflections). So install any one ".dff" files!
• To uninstall, simply delete the moved files.

Step I: Download New Rim Pack Mod for GTA SA Android

• Download Mod from:
   Google Drive

• Download Cleo Android:
  Download Cleo Android

• Download Alci's IMG tool:
   Download IMG Tool

• Download  TXD Fucker:
   Download TXD Fucker

Step II: Install this Mod in Your GTA SA Android

• Extract the downloaded mod (zip file).
• Move the ".csi" and ".fxt" files to:
   /Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/      <here>
• Now extract your ".obb" file using winrar. (PC). Click Here if you don't know how to extract "obb" files.
• Open IMG Tool you downloaded in step one and open "gta3.img" file using it. Which can be found by going to:
   /(extracted obb)/texdb/gta3.img
• Find and replace all the ".dff" model files in this zip by going to "Actions>>Replace if exists" option and then selecting the ".dff" files (inside "gta3.img" folder. Or if you want rims with reflections than go to "ENR" folder instead of "gta3.img" folder)
   then goto Commands>Rebuild Archive and then exit.
• Now run TXD Fucker and open this file with it:
  /(extracted obb)/texdb/gta3/gta3.txt
• Click on Import > without alpha and select all files inside "without alpha" folder.
• Exit and Copy below file and folder:
   /(extracted obb)/texdb/gta3.img (this file)
   /(extracted obb)/texdb/gta3/ (this folder)
  and Paste them in your phone's:
  /Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/files/texdb/             <here>
*Make new "files" and "texdb" folder if doesn't exist

Step III: Enjoy the mod

• The mod is installed. Now run the game and enjoy new rims. And if you ever get bored with rims than add the textures inside "Texturas Alternativas" to "gta3.img". It will replace the rims with new rims.


New Rim Pack for Android from gtaam

New Rim Pack for GTA San Andreas Android

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New Rim Mod Pack for Android Android MODs Tutorial


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